What is Osteoporosis ?


Osteoprosis is a weakening of bones. Its is a condition to decrease in the density of bone. The components of the Osteoporosis mean “osteo” is for bones and “porosis” means porous helpfully describing this condition that results in reduced bone density and increased fragility of the bones. The bone mass density decreases , increasing the risk of fractures. The disorder of the skeleton weakens the bone and results in frequent breaks in the bones. The spine , hips , ribs are common areas of bone fractures. Post menopausal decrease in the level leads to accelerated bone mass density loss. Poor dietary habits and lack of exercise along with heredity are some of the contributing factors.



Prevention :-

The following guidelines to prevent osteoporosis

• Get enough exercise
• Keep up your Vitamin K
• Beat Obesity
• Try oil massages
• Soak up the sun for Vitamin D
• Watch out calcium smugglers
• Regular health check-ups


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